The Cybersecurity Management Professional (CSMP) Coaching Program

The Cybersecurity Management Professional (CSMP) Coaching Program is a 12-week practice-based specialization program that covers the end-to-end of building a successful cybersecurity program and become job-ready. Our professionals are typically ready to apply to jobs by week 6
Here’s what to expect:

  • Access to real-world projects
  • Practical Application for Job Roles
  • Interview and Negotiation Skills
  • Lifetime Access to Resources
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Career Guidance and employment assistance
  • Guaranteed Continuous Support

Cybersecurity Core Training

Embark on your cybersecurity career with our Core Training! You’ll gain:

Essential cybersecurity skills.
Access to a growing professional network.
Exclusive invites to some industry events to network and boost confidence.
​Transform your future in cybersecurity with this opportunity. Limited seats available – enroll now!

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