[Welcome To Martial Technology Inc.]

Welcome to our world, where the power of cybersecurity transforms careers and shapes lives. We are Dr Mukhtar Tobi Lasisi and Suliha Mukhtar-Lasisi, the founders of Martial Technology Inc (Martial Tech).

Our journey into the realm of cybersecurity is a testament to the endless opportunities this field has to offer and the profound impact it can have on one’s life.

[Muhktar's Journey]

Originally from a tech background, Muhtar found himself navigating a less fulfilling IT career, earning less than 60K a year at a point. He was skilled, dedicated, and had a burning desire to make a difference. But the pieces just weren’t falling into place until he discovered the world of cybersecurity. It was in this dynamic and ever-evolving field that he found his true calling.
Armed with his technical knowledge and an insatiable curiosity, he delved into the complexities of cybersecurity. The more he learned, the more he was fascinated by the limitless potential the field held, not just in terms of career advancement, but also for making a real-world impact. Eventually, his dedication and hard work paid off as he landed multiple 6-figure job offers, negotiating excellent benefits and bonuses, and attaining an unprecedented work-life balance. His life took a turn for the better, both professionally and personally, laying the foundation for our dream – Martial Tech.

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[Suliha's Journey]

Suliha comes from a non-tech background, but her determination to thrive in a challenging and impactful field was undeterred. Using her experiences across highly regulated industries as a foundation, she began her transition into the world of cybersecurity.

With the help of Mukhtar’s coaching and her unwavering dedication, she was able to grasp the complex world of cybersecurity, seamlessly merging her existing skills with her newly acquired knowledge. Not only did she pivot her career path successfully, but she also became an epitome of the endless possibilities that cybersecurity has to offer for those ready to embrace it.

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[Our Commitment To You]

Together, we built Martial Technology Inc. out of our shared passion for cybersecurity and our belief in its transformative power. Our journey, marked by both struggles and successes, taught us that with the right guidance, resources, and opportunities, anyone can turn their cybersecurity career dreams into reality, irrespective of their background or circumstances.
At Martial Tech, we are committed to providing that guidance, creating those resources, and opening up those opportunities. We are here to empower you on your journey into cybersecurity, whether you’re a seasoned tech professional looking for a fulfilling path or a non-tech individual ready to pivot into this promising field.

We believe in the potential of every individual and are here to help you discover and unleash yours. Together, let’s shape a safer, more secure digital world. Join us in making cybersecurity not just a career, but a rewarding way of life